Canada’s Prime Minister is running an anti-Christian, authoritarian state, warns publisher; has he converted to Islam?

While his valiant contributions towards ending cannabis prohibition throughout Canada are noteworthy, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being accused of authoritarian behavior in other regards, including with egregious new labor policies that are said to actively discriminate against Christians.

According to reports, Trudeau has been busy implementing a series of new rules over the last several months that make it overbearingly difficult for Canadians with strong religious convictions to actively live out their faith.

Those in the medical profession in particular are requesting that exemptions be made for them as it concerns laws that would otherwise require them to perform euthanasia, abortions, and other controversial procedures. In an open letter to Trudeau, Robert Walley, the executive director of a Catholic health professionals group known as MaterCare International, wrote the following:

“Medical students, residents, and physicians have begun to experience discrimination through denial of their right to practice according to their consciences if they do not accept your government’s dictatorial policies with the consequence their recruitment into programs and positions are obstructed, though they equally qualified.”

The letter hinges in part on a court ruling in Ontario from earlier in the year that basically forces doctors to perform medical procedures that violate their moral and religious convictions. Many religious young people desiring to enter the medical field could be deterred by such policies says Walley, and the integrity of the field itself will more than likely erode.

Walley says that the changes not only violate “equal freedoms and access to employment,” but will also result in “fewer young doctors entering certain specialties, while others sadly compromise their moral integrity in order to sustain their careers.”

Liberals love “diversity,” but only when it includes people who are just like them

Keep in mind that these new policies were supposedly implemented under the guise of anti-discrimination. By not allowing Christian doctors to refuse to perform services that go against their faith convictions, liberals like Trudeau believe that they’re promoting “diversity” and “tolerance,” ensuring that all patients and all medical procedures are treated equally in the medical field.

But the sad irony is that, in the process, the rules actively discriminate against people who don’t wish to perform such procedures. For all intents and purposes, abortion and euthanasia technically violate the Hippocratic oath of “do no harm” anyway, seeing as how both involve intentionally ending human life.

To say that anyone who wants to practice medicine must be forced to perform excruciating procedures that result in human death is nothing short of totalitarianism, no matter how Trudeau and his allies try to rebrand it as “tolerance.”

“Diversity, in order to be truly diverse, must respect and uphold the fundamental freedoms of all Canadians, not just those who tow the party line,” the letter adds. “This situation is more characteristic of a totalitarian state, and therefore has no place in Canadian Society.”

The letter also points out that the negative impact of the new rules will extend to patients as well, especially those who share similar moral convictions as the doctors against whom these rules discriminate. There are already many examples of patients being discriminated against by doctors who don’t share the same medical philosophies as they do, and the situation will only worsen if physicians of faith are no longer allowed to practice in Canada.

The covenantal doctor-patient relationship in Canada is moving even closer towards extinction, in other words, as a result of policies such as this.

“Our long-term care system is unsustainable without one based on the value and dignity of each human being,” the letter concludes.

“We urge you to reconsider your overbearing attitude against religious people and their employment in our country, recognizing that true democracy and diversity comes only when every voice, even those we don’t agree with, is heard and valued.”

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